Features & Benefits

Discover the features of your Pip property app. With Pip you can create your own digital guestbook and offer your guests the content, information and functionalities they need and want on their own devices.

10 reason why Pip is ruffling feathers within the travel industry

  • 1. Personal virtual host to create a deeper connection with your guests
  • 3. Enhanced guest experience by giving guests access to all the information they need at their fingertips
  • 5. Video walkthroughs of your property acting a guide
  • 7. Less time spent answering repetitive guest FAQs
  • 9. Become a 5-star host and generate additional bookings
  • 2. Encourage your guests to live like a local with your unique local knowledge
  • 4. Recommend the best local cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs in your area
  • 6. Useful how-to videos/guides on how to operate the appliances
  • 8. Get more guest feedback through in-app surveys and encourage positive reviews
  • 10. Budget-friendly solution for only £6 per month