3. Publish & Unpublish

Publish your Pip Property

You're now at the final stages of getting your Property live!

First click on Publish on the menu of the left of the App Builder.

Next click the red Publish button. A green banner will appear confirming your publication and your Property will automatically be published to Pip and ready to access straight away!

Download Pip

Below here are the links to download the Pip App from the Google Play & Apple app stores.

You can also use these links to send out to your guests!


Access your pip property

The last step on this page is the access code for your Property on Pip.

This is the code for you to send out to your guests. It's great to add this to any confirmation emails along with the link download links for the Pip App itself!



This is also where you need to come if you wish to unpublish your Property at any stage. You can Publish or Unpublish easily - just click the Unpublish button button and your Property will be removed. To add it again, just click Publish!


All Finished!

And that's it! Your Property is live and you have all the information you need to send it out to your guests!

Of course, you can go back and make any changes you need to at any stages - these edits will take effect immediately.

If you need any further help or support, please feel free to get in touch with me using the red Live Chat button in the bottom corner of the App Builder screen. Or you can email me at support@piptravels.com


Thanks for reading my guide! Happy flying..... Pip x